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Brad  Bennett

For over ten years, Brad Bennett has had the privilege of working alongside many financial teachers as he has successfully gathered essential knowledge and skills to successfully lead clients as they break their previously held financial norms. He enjoys educating clients about the economic landscape and applying that knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities at hand.

Through a lifetime of experience, Brad found he had lit a fire inside himself to succeed and impact the success of others. He learned to glean the nuggets of wisdom from conventional financial strategies and use them to educate his clients to work towards the future they envision.

Brad has a talent for helping his clients feel at ease when talking about financial strategies. Whether he is working with a savvy business owner or a teenager just starting on their financial journey, he knows how to tailor each presentation for the individual he is working with. He is an advocate for his clients and truly wants them to achieve financial prosperity.

Brad and his family live in Utah, where he enjoys the outdoors where he can take his kids on adventures. He enjoys cars and the fantastic feeling of a perfect drive. Cars have also taught him essential financial lessons in the past. Brad believes in learning from life’s experiences and sharing that knowledge with his clients and his family.